Primarily functionality. Part 2

Effective management of IT infrastructure involves using the system tools in order to avoid premature wear of the equipment and failure. What is important, by reducing the amount of equipment intended for disposal, positively affects the environment. For such purposes is dedicated monitoring of parameters of devices, by which shall be determined optimal values of work for components (eg. a workstation). In case of exceeding the optimal values the user is immediately informed about it in work panel in the form of notification, or through e-mail.

Primarily functionality. Part 1

For companies the fourth quarter is the time to intensify their marketing activities, sales and purchasing. They can't function without a technological background, where stationary devices (eg. work stations), mobile devices (eg. tablet), network (eg. switch) play a key role, and their correct and efficient functioning intensifies profits and ensure security and stability of organization's work.

Effective Management of IT Infrastructure - Reporting. Part 2

The platform, which is expected to realize a motto Effective IT Infrastructure Management must be based on innovative solutions for application access, ease of configuration and multiple tools available. One of them, in ITmonit are dynamically generated reports, which are available from level of e-help and e-monitoring. Reporting is the basis for a deeper familiarization with the conclusions of the inventory of hardware and software, and their exploitation. They allow to make decisions that are based on specific data.

ITmonit a specialized tool to rationalize IT infrastructure management

Technology is one of many factors that determine economic growth. This development is significant for micro and small enterprises because it sets down standards that on the one hand, stimulates it, on the other hand, in terms of rationalizing the management of IT infrastructure, turn out to be a barrier.